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To fill out a preliminary application, first take a quick test here: to test
Go to the project's Telegram channel to channel
In the pinned message you will find the registration form for the course.

Important note:

All students of the project are enrolled gradually at a rate of 100 students per month (so far), your turn will come during the year, we will contact you.

Why are we investing our energy in this?

Inna Luzhetska

The project coordinator

Our goal is to integrate Ukrainians into the global community! We make every effort to make this process accessible, enjoyable, and effective!

Students share their impressions

In these uncertain and difficult times, I have found several ways to pull myself together. Studying is one of them. The undoubted advantage was the structure of the course... читати повністю
Olena Fil
I've been learning English for over 2 years now and I've never met anything better than this course. I would also like to note the quality of online meetings... читати повністю
Mykhailo Boichenko
What are my personal impressions of this particular course? First of all, it is an L&D platform that, using new online learning technologies, offers you various test questions to consolidate vocabulary and grammar along the way. читати повністю
Lora Hasay
Each lesson contains several writing assignments and a video spotlight on topics that are related to the course topics, but always about us. About our city, country, experience, dreams... читати повністю
Nina Savina

Our team


supervisor and facilitator











We are not the only project that gives Ukrainians the opportunity to improve their English, but there are still far, far too few of us! Let’s hit that rock!

The project was made possible thanks to the Arizona State University team that provided the great content, and conscious Ukrainian businesses that support systemic long-term changes in Ukrainian society:

We are grateful for the support of, a Ukrainian IT company that develops the well-known marketplaces AUTO.RIA, DIM.RIA, AGRO.RIA, and